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Car insurance is no joke – without it, any small accident can turn into a huge hole in your bank account. There are several kinds of car insurance. You need to be familiar with them to make sure you have the right coverage. The right coverage will not leave you with huge bills after an accident.

Medical Coverage

This type of insurance covers medical payments in case of an accident. This coverage may be mandatory in some states. It’s also critical to have it, regardless of other coverage you may have.  In some policies and states, this insurance covers you only if the accident is not your fault. In others, you are always covered. Save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Get this insurance when you drive a car.

Collision Coverage

This policy covers damage to your car and other cars in case of an accident. When you hit someone else, it can prevent you from going bankrupt. If the other driver sues, the insurance company pays. If someone hits you, insurance prevents you from having no car in case someone hits you and cannot pay.

Comprehensive Coverage

This policy covers damages to your car that were not caused by a collision. Examples include fire, theft, or natural disaster. This coverage will pay you to have a new or fixed car so you won’t get stuck. It will do so in case there is no fault in the damage or no-one to sue.

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