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Owning a business can be stressful – you need to handle clients, suppliers, taxes, and other authorities which require your attention. With all these responsibilities, it’s easy to make a mistake. These mistakes can be costly. Very costly. In today’s society, which tends to sue for everything, you need to be covered.

What Is Covered By Hiscox Business Insurance?

General Liability

This covers injuries caused to others in your business. If someone falls down in your store, damages your windows, or sues you for libel, this insurance will cover you. No more being scared of “accidental” slippers. You won’t go bankrupt from a spill of water.

Professional Liability

Sometimes people sue because they’re not happy with the results or because you’ve made a mistake. It happens. Don’t let these mistakes drain your bank accounts. Cover yourself against these lawsuits and let Hiscox Business Insurance take care of them.

Cyber Security

Today’s world depends heavily on computers, which can be attacked easily. Hiscox Business Insurance will provide you with the tools to prevent attacks before they occur and save your business if you are attacked.

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