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Owning or renting a house can be scary. It may be damaged, stolen from, or catch on fire. Nothing can be scarier than the thought of losing everything, but a good insurance, such as Lemonade, can give you some peace of mind.

If you worry about the following, you should definitely consider insuring your house:


Having someone in your house is terrifying. This is supposed to be the most secure place for you, and someone breaks in and takes your property. Having a good insurance does relieve the feeling, but it can pay you back to get equipment back.


One of the most cruel forces of nature. It keeps us warm in winter, but can be deadly. Having your entire house go down in flames is terrible, but having no insurance to pay you back the damages can break you down completely.

Natural Disasters

Nature has much more than fire to scare us, but we can face it. Having insurance will not scare earthquakes and hurricanes away, but it will definitely help your bank account recover from such a disaster.

Don’t wait, insure yourself today. You never know when disaster strikes, and it’s always at the worst possible time.

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