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Plan Your Retirement Today and Live Comfortably Later

Retirement planning sounds quite boring. It usually involves very long term plans, for decades ahead. There are many unknowns, such as market returns, your needs, and your future income. It’s like walking in the dark, but with serious consequences – your life and your future.

One way to plan ahead is go to a financial planner or a retirement planner. If you have big sums of money, this is a very viable option. However, a financial planner may charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for a plan, and plans can change quickly with new children or change of marital status.

MaxiFi has a solution. It is a computerised financial planner that can plan your retirement based on your current status and allows you to see how each change may affect you. No more guessing in the dark – from now on you can make smart decisions.

See Your Current Status

The first plan MaxiFi allows you to see is your current plan. You input your current income, expenses, and Social Security status and you’re on your way to see your future. You will know exactly what to expect when you retire, so you can plan ahead.

What Happens With Changes?

After you have your initial plan, you can play around and see how changes may affect it. A new job with a higher salary may allow you to retire early or live at a higher standard. A new child will require you to provide, but you can see how everything fits.

Invest and Spend Wisely

During life, you spend and invest. The goal is to reach retirement with enough investments to support spending. MaxiFi has a Monte Carlo simulator that can show you what happens when you spend too much or too little, giving you risk and reward scenarios of your future. You always decide, but you can decide wisely.

Take your financial future in your hands and invest in MaxiFi Planner today. It may be your smartest investment yet.

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