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Insure Your Business and Yourself Against Accidental Expenses

Accidents happen to everyone. When you have a business, these accidents can be especially dangerous. One lawsuit can wipe out your entire business, even if you are not at fault. Covering yourself against these lawsuits is an essential part of doing business. Without it, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

There are many options for coverage, which can be very confusing. Mylo can help you choose the right coverage for you. There are many ways to cover yourself, these are some of the choices:

Workers Compensation – Injured Employees Can Still Get Paid

If you have employees, their injury can be a risk. Your business can be responsible for those injuries. Paying for others’ medical expenses is a huge liability. The right insurance coverage will pay those expenses for you. This way, one accident won’t drain your money.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Make Driving Safer (for You)

Driving is a risky activity. When a business operates vehicles, a single accident can cause huge expenses. The right insurance coverage will help you pay for unfortunate accidents.

General Liability – Don’t Let Small Mistakes Cause Large Problems

Sometimes people get injured at your business. It can happen because of a slippery floor or an accidental bump against a table. Regardless of who is at fault, you may be liable. General liability insurance covers you against such claims. Mylo can help you find someone who will pay those lawsuits.

There are many other possible coverages, such as cyber, products, and umbrella insurance. If you have a business, Mylo can help you find the right insurance. Get your quotes now. Don’t find yourself unprotected.

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