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Top Investment Brokers: Info to Help Beginners & Casual Investors Choose the Best Trading Platform

It’s a fascinating time to get involved in stock trading, with all of the recent Wall Street shakeups. Be careful with investment brokers and firms, however, since not all of them are beginner-friendly. If you are a somewhat experienced investor, then you’re probably going to want some freedom and flexibility with your money. Not all of the top investment brokers are right for every single investor.

What are a few essential things to consider when looking for a broker? Price is always an important consideration. Luckily, fees have been dropping over the past ten years as most investors are using the internet. There is no need to actually “hire” a broker – choose the investment brokerage firm that offers the type of app or software you need. The educational resources and materials should still be there for you to access when you need them.

Some online brokers offer assisted trades for free, while others charge a fee for every transaction you need advice and help with. If you’re not confident in your ability to make all of your investments and trades on your own, look through the top investment brokers that have broker-assisted transactions with 0 fees. Avoid any brokerage app that has unnecessary fees such as maintenance or account inactivity fees.

Trade commissions are something to look into as well. How much does it cost to buy shares of stocks? What about bonds? What about ETF trades? Does the fee charge depending on the size of the order or type of order? Luckily, most commission fees are meager these days, so they shouldn’t be too much of a problem with the top investment firms. Just make sure you read details about pricing and fees very carefully before selecting an investment broker on the internet.

Top Investment Brokers With Good Minimums

A couple of other things to look into are account minimums and market research. How much money will you need for opening an account? Some brokers require higher minimums for investors who want to gain access to premium services and tools, as well as personalized support. As for the market research, you should get access to tools to learn about trading and decide on a potentially profitable stock.

You’ll want to read some reviews on the various brokers to find out how they work. Would you prefer to research and invest on a computer via a web browser or a smartphone app?

Check with Zacks Trade – it’s among the top investment brokers for investors who already have a bit of knowledge and experience and have some idea of what they are doing. Even if you’re a complete beginner, keep them in mind and consider opening up an account with them in the future as your experience grows.

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