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Bad Credit Clean Up Guide: What Kinds of Negative Information Can Be Removed? Should You Consider Professional Services?

It’s possible to live with bad credit, but it’s not easy. Having a low credit score can really hinder things such as getting affordable car insurance, renting an apartment, and in some cases – even getting a job. The good news is that no matter how bad your report is, you can still work on clearing things up, either by taking the necessary steps on your own or by investing in bad credit clean up services.

First things first, know that it is a process that will take some time. You won’t clear your report up and raise your score overnight. It could take up to a year to have erroneous and questionable negative items removed and then wait for the score to slowly rise back up again. Avoid any kind of ad from a credit repair service that claims to “increase your score 100 points by x number of months!” – there are never any guarantees, at least regarding anything specific.

Before getting started with bad credit clean up, you first need to decide what – if anything – needs repaired. The information you can dispute and possibly have removed from your report includes:

• Past-due accounts that have already been sent to collections or charged off
• Any incorrect information, such as accounts that are not yours, incorrectly reported payments
• maxed-out accounts over the limit

Bad Credit Clean Up Does Not Have Guarantees

Once again, there are never specific guarantees. The credit agency and the party that has reported the negative item to the agency need to both be notified via letter that you dispute the information and wish for it to be removed.

Many people don’t want to do the DIY approach because they are not confident enough that they will be able to word everything properly and are unaware of all of their rights and options. This is why credit repair agencies can be very beneficial – especially those with actual lawyers and paralegals involved in their network.

A typical credit cleanup service will cost a couple hundred dollars and might take up to a full year to complete. As long as you are careful with your choice of a service, the investment will really be worth it. Choosing the right credit repair service will be one of the best things you can do for your financial future.

There several companies and firms online that all claim to offer the “best bad credit clean up” services. While a few of them are worth considering, ultimately Lexington Law is one that really seems to stand out. It’s been around for over 25 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of people. You can sign up online to receive a free consultation to determine if your credit reports are accurate, and if there is anything that can be removed.

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