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Best Agriculture Investments: Overview of Some Options, from Crowdfunding Platforms to Locally Grown Produce Solutions

By the half-point of this century, there will be an estimated 2 or so more billion of mouths to feed. This means that a lot more food will need be produced. To meet the demands, farms around the world will need to really work hard to fertilize and grow healthy crops. The best agriculture investments will be the ones that are for the farmland that is well-managed and has the right kind of equipment, and the ability to keep the equipment and machinery, as well as animals and plants, in excellent condition.

If you can’t afford to invest in your own farm, or lack the knowledge and experience, you can still invest in other farms. Some people also invest in things like fertilizer ingredients, since it’s a commodity in agriculture. There are also seeds and plant production products that you might want to consider investing in. Don’t forget Exchange-traded funds that give investors exposures to a variety of agricultural companies and farmland investments.

There are actually “crowdfunding platforms” dedicated to farming. This is one of the few ways investors can gain exposure to farm properties as an asset glass. These are among the best agriculture investments if you’re new to this industry and don’t have a lot of money, time, or energy to dedicated to it. It’s also a good option for those hoping to diversify their portfolios.

Best Agriculture Investment Platform

This platform is a versatile investment since it includes real estate offerings as well. It’s a long-term real estate investment for those who want a good real estate investment for at least 5 years. However, you might need to be considered as an “accredited investor”, or at least a qualified non-accredited investor.

As far as commercial real estate properties go, the “best agriculture investments are really worth looking into. Farmland is established as one of the safest assets, due to the food demands that increase year after year, decade after decade.

A newer option for agricultural investments, which has yet to really take off, is indoor agriculture and locally grown produce. There is an increasing percent of the population who are growing weary of soil-based agriculture and big farming and want to look into organic, “novel farming systems”. Between 2014 and 2019, locally grown food sales have grown significantly.

These are just a few of your options. Much of this depends on your own personal circumstances, how much you can afford, and your own interest.

FarmTogether is a good place to start your research in the best agriculture investments. This organization allows investors to either become sole owners or take part in crowdfunding farming investments. You can monitor your investment and get excellent customer service and support.

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