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Best Companies to Invest In: Top Recommendations for Spring 2020

With the way things are going in the world right now, there is a lot of uncertainty in the stock market. What kinds of companies – if any – are worth putting money into right now? What should you be adding to your portfolio? If you’re a short-term investor, you’re probably going to want to be as cautious as possible and only put your money in a safe place, such as a 6-month CD account or FDIC MMA at an online bank. However, if you’re able to afford a bit more risk, here are some of the best companies to invest in right now:


Think about it: everyone is being careful with their cash, not wanting to risk going to stores and exchanging physical money. There is a huge increase in online purchasing right now, so people are using cards, and VISA is definitely the biggest payment network in the world, and widely accepted by over 40 million merchants.


This is the company that is behind Google and YouTube, which is ad-reliant and therefore at risk of getting hurt during a sharp downturn in the economy. Luckily, this isn’t likely to be a long-term issue, making it one of the best companies to invest in right now. According to Wall Street and expert investors, the sales for YouTube are still up 86% over the past couple of years.

ViacomCBS Inc.

Since so many people are stuck at home wanting to be entertained, they are likely spending a lot more time watching television or streaming services. This global multimedia company is focused on creating premium experiences and content for viewers around the world. It also runs other web-based businesses and consumer publishing.

Gilead Sciences Inc

It makes sense to invest in a scientific / medical company, and this one was among the fastest-growing stocks. It makes drugs for the treatment of HIV, respiratory diseases, liver disease, as well as other ailments. It also has recently announced that it is going to acquire Forty Seven Inc (FTSV), and the deal is expected to close during the2nd quarter.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners

BIP is a well-run business, and has been for years. It is among the best companies to invest in if you’re interested in dividend stocks. Since the end of 2010, its dividend has been raised. BIP LP is one of the biggest owners and operators of critical global infrastructure networks for the storage and movement of water, energy, data, and passengers.

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