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Best Credit Repair Agencies in 2020 – Top 4 to Consider Right Now

You shouldn’t trust any credit repair company. The legitimate ones can be very, very helpful, but the scams will cost you a lot of money, time, energy, and hope. In this industry, those in financial peril could potentially wind up even worse off than when they started. How do you know which repair service to trust? How can you weed out the best credit repair agencies from the scams?

The best ones won’t make any guarantees that are too good to be true. For instance, avoid any company that claims that they can “raise your score 100 points in just 60 days!” There are never any guarantees when it comes to credit reports.

Also, never pay money up-front – you should get a free consultation first.

Here is a quick overview of the best credit repair agencies in 2020:

Sky Blue

This company is usually mentioned in these kinds of lists. Sky Blue does not charge any money for the first 6 days. You’ll never have to pay upfront. It’s been around since the late 1980s and has been delivering a very user-friendly experience and low prices ever since. The service involves getting 15 items disputed (5 per bureau) every 35 days. The customer service is among the best in the industry.

The Credit People

While they do offer “estimated credit score increases”, they don’t offer any specific guarantees. To give you an idea of their effectiveness, The Credit People have removed approximately 1,500,000 negative items / issues for their customers over the years. Members have 24/7 access to their accounts online and can keep an eye on the progress every step of the way.

Credit Saint

This is another company that always makes the list of “best credit repair agencies”, due to its A+ BBB rating, customer service record, high success rate, and the 90-day money back guarantee, which is perhaps its highest point. However, in order to qualify for the money back guarantee, you must be a customer for at least 90 days, and request the refund before the 120th day of service.

Lexington Law

One of the best things about this company is that they have different payment tiers. Choose the level of service you think would be best for you and just pay for that level. Also, Lexington LAW will have an actual legal representative / paralegal working directly on your case. Its lawyer teams are spread out over multiple states. If it’s available in your state, you’ll definitely want to consider it as your top choice.

These are the top choices – especially Lexington Law – of the best credit repair agencies in 2020.

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