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Best Credit Repair Specialist Info: Understanding What the Legitimate Companies Offer and What the Scammers Try and Claim

If you’ve been doing research on credit repair services, then you probably already have an idea of how to differentiate between the scams and the legit services. The legitimate companies are the ones that don’t make any promises that are “too good to be true”, such as being able to raise your score by 100 points in just a matter of weeks. The best credit repair specialist will be honest and let you know just how much of your reports can be disputed and that there are never any guarantees.

The reason why you’ll want to consider using a specialist as opposed to trying to fix your credit reports and dispute the errors yourself is that the companies already have experience and are probably already on familiar terms with the credit bureaus and creditors themselves. They’ll save you the time, energy, and frustration of having to do it all alone. You won’t have to worry about how to word a dispute letter, and whether or not it would even be taken seriously by the bureaus, creditors, and/or collection agencies.

You’ll also be expected to provide some sort of proof and documentation that the items you want removed really are errors or unreasonable. Why spend the time trying to gather up all of the details when you can just have the best credit repair specialist (namely – one who is actually a lawyer or paralegal) do the hard work for you? You will especially want the legal experts on your side if you see evidence of being a victim of identity theft or fraud.

Best Credit Repair Specialist and Red Flags

You might already have an idea of the red flags to look for. In addition to not being allowed to make any specific guarantees, credit fixing companies should not ever ask for financial logins to your bank accounts. Definitely avoid any company that tries to get you to give them your password or even answers to security questions to your bank accounts. They don’t need these things to pull your credit reports.

Speaking of credit reports, do not pay any money or make any agreements with a company until they’ve pulled all 3 reports and looked over them first. They should then tell you what (if anything) they can help you with, and then you should be given the option to proceed if you want to go through with it.

There is no one “best credit repair specialist” for everyone since everybody has different reports and unique financial situations. However, if you’re looking for a place to begin, consider look into Lexington Law. The company is known for “getting results” and utilizes every legal solution possible to help repair credit reports. Lexington Law consultations are free.

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