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Best Current Stocks to Buy – 5 Potentially Profitable Stocks in Various Industries

Are you looking for the best current stocks to buy? Or at least need some ideas? Look into crucial factors such as average return-per-recommendation and success rate. Investors often use the recommendations of top financial analysts who are more knowledgeable. Always think of your financial objectives and what would be the best fit for your portfolio as well.

Here are just a few recommendations of some current stocks that experts consider worth investing in:

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

This company is a giant global biotech stock with an impressive (and growing) portfolio of drugs relating to cystic fibrosis. It has taken the lead as the #1 company in CF treatment and should maintain that lead for at least two more decades. Currently, Vortex is working on a gene-editing therapy, “CTX001,” along with its partner CRISPR Therapeutics.

Baker Hughes, Co.

Oilfield services such as drilling and pipeline operations are still relevant. They have their places in the energy sector, and this fast-growing energy stock is proof of that. This firm is one of the best current stocks to buy for its impressively fast earnings-per-share growth for 4th Quarter 2020.

Equity Commonwealth

Why invest in a single real estate stock when REITs offer much value, such as this one? Equity Commonwealth owns office buildings in central business districts in major metropolitan markets across the US. Large shares of the properties are leased to the healthcare tenants and even the US government.

Skechers (SKX)

The apparel industry was one of the hardest-hit industries last year. Still, it looks like Skechers’ financials have recovered and are even with what they were in late 2019. It also helps that the athletic retail company is performing well in the international markets. Approximately 2/3s of sales come from overseas.


Bitcoin isn’t the only digital currency out there. Ethereum has quadrupled and then some recently. It offers more functionality and used in various industries such as logistics, insurance, and even healthcare. This versatility is also a reason that this is the best current stock to buy. There aren’t very many options for investing in it, so your options are limited. However, it seems that Grayscale Ethereum Trust is a smart way to get started.

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