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Best Online Small Business Loans: Overview of Options, from Traditional Loans to Merchant Cash Advances

New and small businesses no longer have to depend on traditional banks to get the funding they need. There are plenty of alternative lenders these days. If you look online and use your options, you’ll find that there are several options. How do you make your choice? What are the best online small business loans?

First, it’s essential to understand that your credit has a significant effect on your finances. Business owners with excellent credit will be able to qualify for pretty much everything. Qualification includes commercial real estate loans, SBA loans, microloans, lines of credit, and more.

You may not have good business credit or any business credit but have good personal credit. In this case, you might want to consider looking for a personal loan or a new credit card. You can dedicate that card for business-related purchases.

What are the best online small business loans for owners who don’t have good credit at all? While you have limited options, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get any help at all. You’ll have to look at alternative solutions and lenders. One possible solution for you might be equipment financing. You can offer to put the equipment up for collateral in exchange for the right to “buy it” with a loan.

Best Online Small Business Loans Options

There are other options, such as invoice factoring and financing. These allow you to use your unpaid invoices to get cash. You will be selling any or all your outstanding invoices to a lender. Selling invoices will help you get going in the meantime. Merchant cash advances, or MCAs, will give you up-front money. You’ll repay (with fees) that money through a fixed percentage of your credit/debit card sales. Keep in mind that this option often involves high APRs. This method takes out a small portion of each card transaction that you owe. This process is simple and viable for small companies that lack good credit.

Whether you want to apply for the best online small business loans or one of the alternatives, make sure you do it through a secure site. Also, make sure you’ll get 24/7 online access as well as customer service whenever you need it.

One great place to start is with US Business Funding. This site makes it easy to apply for the best online small business loans. It also offers reasonable alternative solutions. Examples include a vendor program, equipment financing options, and working capital.

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