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Best Online Stock Trading App: Overview of Features and Services to Look for in an Investment App for You

It’s no secret that investing can be really, really risky. There aren’t really any guarantees unless you put your money safely into an FDIC-backed bank. However, some people are really savvy in their buying and selling, and do so very frequently. Whatever your investing strategy is, you should be using the best online stock trading app.

Since there are so many, some people experiment with the apps until they settle on one that they prefer. If you’re not careful, you could waste money with this experimentation as some apps will charge you fees for maintenance, inactivity, etc. Always read reviews and look at tutorials on how to use each app you are thinking about trying to how each works and whether or not it is user-friendly.

Some stock trading apps focus on stocks only, while others offer EFTs, index funds, bonds, and other types of investments. There is usually a commission fee involved per trade, which varies depending on the app and the type of trade. The account minimum balance and withdrawal fees also vary, although the better trading apps will allow you to have at least one free withdrawal per month.

Since trading involves personal financial information, any software you use should be as safe and secure as possible. In addition to just creating a unique username / password combo, clients should also be given a peace of mind that their information is safe with 128-bit SSL encryption, login tracking, failed login attempts restrictions, automatic log-off, and so forth.

Best Online Stock Trading App Without Security Concerns

If you ever have any security concerns with your account, the best online stock trading app will offer excellent customer support and a 1-800 number to call. A dedicated security team that will actually use state-of-the-art monitoring to detect any possible suspicious activity and notify you is a great service offered by the best apps.

A few features to look for in an ideal trading smartphone or tablet app:

• The ability to view charts and quotes with real-time streaming.
• The ability to set price alerts and receive email notifications
• Being allowed to access data regarding company fundamentals
• Viewing independent analyst reports
• The ability to invest in a large variety of stocks, bonds, options, etc.
• User-friendly interface and access to easy-to-understand educational resources

While there is no one “best online stock trading app” for everyone, a good one to consider trying is the Handy Trader app, which is available for smartphone and tablet. It’s made available through the Zacks Trade website. Zacks Trade offers superior security and protection technologies and usually appeals to day traders, although there are features that appeal to other types of traders as well.

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