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Best REITs to Buy Now Info: How This Investment Differs from Other Mutual Funds and Trusts

Real estate is becoming a more favored investment. It offers a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from rental properties to farmland. One easy way to get your foot in the door is to look in REITs. Real estate investment trust companies make it easy to diversify your portfolio, as long as you choose one or two outstanding ones. How can you identify the best REITs to buy now?

Before settling on one, you might want to understand what this type of investment is. A REIT trust is a company that either finances or owns and operates income-generating real estate. The model is similar to that of mutual funds. The REIT managers pool the capital of multiple investors, making it easier for individual investors to earn some dividends from real estate-related investments without purchasing and managing the property themselves.

You can invest in the REIT companies individually or through a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund. In general, each real estate investment trust company focuses on a particular sector. However, some more diversified ones hold various properties in their portfolio. For instance, you might find that some of the best REITs to buy now are ones that consist of both retail and office properties.

Ideally, look for some trusts that can produce market-beating total returns for all of its investors. This search includes a combination of their market capitalization rises and their dividend yield/stock price appreciation. The analysis of REITs is a bit different than that of traditional metrics. P/E ratio and earnings per share are not reliable ways to estimate how much a REIT is worth.

Best REITs to Buy Now By Checking Fundamentals

It’s better to look at the funds from operations, or FFO, as it makes adjustments for preferred dividends, depreciation, and distributions. Don’t even bother looking into book value ratios as they are useless with real estate investment trusts. Instead, more of a focus needs to put on net asset value calculations when determining the best REITs to buy now.

Since properties and real estate come in all types of varieties, there are many opportunities in this kind of trust. A mortgage REIT, for instance, makes loans secured via real estate but does not own or operate the real estate. Lodging REITs focus on the travel and tourism industry, usually by managing hotels and resorts. They can own different resorts/hotels based on features like service and number of stars.

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