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Best Retirement Investment Companies In 2022 And All You Need to Know About Retirement Investment

Whether enjoying the fruits of your years-long labor or maintaining your quality of living post-retirement, the importance of having a financial retirement pool can’t be understated. So, you don’t want to get it down the road, and it is easy to get it wrong, especially if you aren’t knowledgeable about the best retirement investment companies available and how investment plans generally work.

Regardless of your profession type – a business owner, self-employed, government worker, and so on, investing in a high-quality financial plan is vital to securing yourself financially post-retirement.

In planning to invest for your retirement, you must have heard about the Solo 401(k) investment plan or the IRA (traditional, Roth, self-directed, spousal, rollover, SEP, and simple) retirement plans. There are other variations of retirement plans. However, they can all be grouped into two categories – The employer-sponsored retirement plan and Self-directed retirement plans. So, depending on whichever plan is available for you, you can weigh your options and go for what best caters to your needs.

Regardless of which retirement plan you choose, here are some of the best retirement investment companies in 2022.


Fidelity is a premium provider of retirement investment plans for large and small companies and individuals. Its investment suites range from 401(k) plans for companies and businesses to Self-directed, traditional, and Roth IRAs for individuals. In addition, you can manage your account online and offline via any of their over 200 retail outlets if you prefer the traditional physical meetings with an account manager. The investment company charges next to nothing for their service fee. They also provide commission-free stock and ETF trading services.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is another distinguished retirement investment plan provider. You can manage your account more efficiently to drive higher productivity with Schwab’s innovative online investment tools. They also provide zero-commission, zero-transaction fees brokerage for stock and ETF trades for roughly 4,200 mutual funds. It is an excellent choice if you prefer a hands-free approach facilitated with the ‘robo advisor’ feature.


Vanguard is not only one of the best retirement investment companies, but it is also the second-largest asset manager globally. With Vanguard, you have higher flexibility in your investment options, with its proprietary index funds that mimic major indexes’ performance. In addition, they levy an annual fee of $20 for IRAs (Roth and traditional). Still, the fee is waived if your account balance is over $10,000.

Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar might potentially be the best retirement investment company for you. The investment company provides a very robust investment plan for self-directed IRA (traditional, Roth, and SEP) and self-directed solo 401(k) plans via its alternative investment option. With the alternative investment options, you can invest in anything other than the usual stocks, bonds, and ETFs, from real estate to start-ups.

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