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Best Way to Check Credit Score Online – Where Can You Monitor Your Credit Reports and Check Your Scores?

Hopefully, you already understand how important it is to keep an eye on your credit score and monitor your three credit reports. Our creditworthiness plays such a massive role in our finances, both right now and in the future. If you don’t keep an eye on it and deal with the problems as they arise, you’ll have to work harder in the future to clean it all up. So what is the best way to check credit score?

One of the major credit bureaus, Experian, offers excellent monitoring and checking services, allowing you to keep track of your FICO scores. So if something suspicious ever pops up on one or more of your reports, you’ll be the first to know, and you’ll be able to deal with it as quickly as possible. Being a member of such a service also allows you to have more control over your credit reports since you’ll be able to block any unauthorized access to your files and have real-time alerts should anyone try to apply for credit in your name.

Due to the Equifax breach a few years ago, millions of people whose personal information has been compromised and is still out there are in the hands of criminals. If you were one of the millions of people affected by this breach, it’s essential to learn the best way to check your credit score regularly. But, even if you were not, your spouse or any other close relative might have been. Plus, it would help if you still took measures to protect your credit reports.

Best Way to Check Credit Score for Multiple Persons

Experian’s services are the best way to do that. They come with different plans for One Adult, One Adult and up to 10 Children, and Two Adults and up to 10 Children (under 18). Just log in to your account and check everyone’s scores and any changes to the reports. Even if you get the cheapest plan for one adult, you’ll still get credit monitoring for all three bureaus and not just Experian.

You will have access to everything at your fingertips, including the dark web monitoring for all three bureaus + access to all reports, so if you get a notification of any activity, whether it’s from some unauthorized party trying to pull your reports or applying for a credit card in your name without your permission, you can check the report(s) to find out what’s going on.

Keep in mind that the Basic Plan only includes monitoring of your Experian report. A Premium plan provides access to all three. In addition, with the Premium Plan, members get up to $500,000 in ID theft protection and Lost Wallet Assistance.

Learn more about the best way to check credit score online by looking over Experian Identity Works Plus or Premium plans.

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