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Car and Homeowners Insurance Quotes: Pros and Cons of Bundling Auto & Home Insurance within a Single Company

Auto and home insurance are both needed by many people. It makes sense that some providers would offer “bundled savings” on both. It’s sometimes cheaper to get both from the same company if the discount is big enough. If the discount isn’t big enough, it might be viable to get each insurance type from two different companies. One way to find out is to compare at least three car and homeowners insurance quotes to find out for sure. After that, research each company.

Suppose you already have an auto or homeowner’s policy you like. In that case, you’ll want to check with that company’s rates for the other type of insurance. From there, you can find out what kinds of discounts are available. One benefit of getting all insurance types from the same company is strengthening your relationship with the company. Putting enough trust in them to consider obtaining another policy makes you a more valuable customer to them. That value comes perks, which may include even more discounts and better customer service. It also means that they will fight harder to keep you on as a customer.

One of the possible perks that you may unlock, depending on the provider, is a single deductible. For instance, if something happens that damages your house and your car, you might only have to pay one deductible instead of two. Of course, this does depend on the company, since each has its terms and conditions.

Car and Homeowners Insurance Quotes Provide Simplicity

Another reason why people often look for car and homeowners insurance quotes from the same provider is simplicity. It will be a lot easier to view all coverage from a single app or web portal than having to log in to several sites and multi-task with different tabs.

What about the CONS of combining vehicle and home insurance coverage within the same company? For one thing, they might be subject to creeping rates. You might end up raising your rates if you have an accident. A rate increase may also happen when you switch to a different vehicle or move into another neighborhood. Some might even take advantage of your loyalty and think you might accept higher premiums cause you won’t bother to shop around elsewhere. Others may think you lack the confidence that you would even qualify for a better deal.

Once again, the only way to determine if bundling car and homeowners insurance quotes is right for you is to compare your options online. Esurance is a good place to start with, as it offers plenty of helpful resources and discounts.

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