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Car Insurance Quotes: Guide to Planning Your Budget and Researching Insurance Companies

If you live in North America, there’s a good chance that you are legally required to have some type of auto insurance in order to drive. You can get quotes online, and it’s important to understand what each quote entails in order to truly make a wise decision. Since there are so many companies offering insurance online, it’s recommended that you try and narrow down your search to around 3 or 4 of them. Learn how car insurance quotes work, and don’t automatically select the one that just happens to have the lowest price.

You can either obtain quotes from the companies directly or use third party websites. While it might seem more convenient to get a bunch of quotes at once, it’s still better to carefully research each provider individually, as many insurance companies offer a variety of discounts, some of which you’ll likely qualify for. Even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for any savings, you’ll be surprised at how many there are.

You probably already have some sort of idea of how much you’ll be able to afford in premiums as well as deductibles. How much will you be willing to pay out of pocket to repair your car if it’s damaged in an accident? Is “no-fault” insurance something you’d be interested in? This might be a good idea if you have a teenager or spouse with a poor driving record that will be added onto the policy.

Car Insurance Quotes Depend on Deductibles

If you’re not quite sure how much you’d be willing to pay in deductibles, then do research on your make and model to have an idea of its current worth. If it’s an older car, it might be cheaper to just go with a higher deductible. The long-term costs of paying a higher premium might be a waste of money.

Do you already have auto insurance, but are not happy with it? This is another reason to go online and look for car insurance quotes. There could be an insurer in your state that you’re not as familiar with. Sometimes smaller companies offer better rates and services than the “big names”. Don’t forget to look into each provider’s website to learn about all of the discounts available.

Customer service is also an essential factor. How easy is it to make a claim? How quickly will it be processed? When comparing car insurance quotes, take the time to read reviews on each company. What are people praising each company about? What about the complaints?

When it comes down to it, the one place you’ll want to start your research on car insurance quotes online is esurance. It’s a good company that offers a huge variety of discounts, and it’s likely you’ll be eligible for at least one.

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