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Check FICO Score Before You Buy

When you’re looking to make a large purchase, the last thing you want is to get denied at the last minute. But to have the best possible chance of success and to know what you’re getting into, it’s a good idea to check your scores before applying for a loan. And that means you need to know how to check FICO score.

First, your FICO score is not necessarily the one you’ll get if you decide to buy a copy of your credit report with your score on it. But it is a crucial score to look at because this is the version of your credit score that most banks and lenders are going to look at.

This score looks at a specific array of the information shown on your credit report. This includes the amount of money you owe on your debts, the number of accounts you’ve applied to recently, how long you’ve had some credit, the available credit types, and your history of payments.

By looking at all of these things, it’s possible to get an idea of what your FICO score will look like even if you don’t have the number yourself. For example, suppose you have a low amount of credit utilization and new credit and a good credit history and payment history. In that case, you’re likely to have a pretty good FICO score.

Check FICO Score Before Applying for a Mortgage

On the other hand, if you’re not doing as well in any of these categories, you could find yourself with some trouble when applying for something in the future. So you’ll want to take a closer look at your report and maybe even check your FICO score before you decide to apply for a mortgage or a vehicle loan.

The good news is that these scores are easy to get ahold of. You may have a credit card already giving you free access to your FICO score. Many credit card companies have started offering this benefit, after all. Or you can go to the website of any credit reporting bureaus to find out more and get a copy of your FICO score.

When you go to the credit reporting bureau websites, you’ll be able to get a completely free copy of your credit report once a year. But that report does not include a copy of your actual credit score. So that is an additional piece of the puzzle you will want to look at.

If you’re looking to check FICO score before you apply for something important, make sure you’re looking in the right place. Experian can help you get an accurate copy of your score and get you on the right track to getting the approval you need.

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