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Compare Car Insurance: Info about How Auto Insurance Quotes are Determined & What You Should Consider

Are you trying to compare car insurance quotes to determine which one would be the best choice for you? It all begins with knowing the factors that affect the rates and how much importance each insurance company puts on these factors. Your driving past and the driving past of anyone else you want to add to the policy is the most significant contributor to your quotes.

If you add a teenage driver to your policy or are a young driver yourself, you can expect to pay more. In some instances, adding a teenage driver to your insurance plan can double your premium. There is the possibility of discounts with some insurers, such as special savings for teen drivers who take safety / defensive driving courses. Look into this with each company you are considering.

The other age group that typically have to pay more than average are seniors over 70. While they still usually pay less than teen drivers, it’s even harder for them to compare car insurance than middle-aged drivers.

Regardless of your age, how much will your past driving mistakes cost you? There are estimates that a ticket can increase the rate by approximately 29%, if not more. An accident can increase insurance rates by 50%. Once again, each company is different, and some will charge more than others regarding a driving violation. It also depends on the type of insurance coverage you have. “No-fault” insurance, for instance, is almost always good to have.

Compare Car Insurance to Get More Than the Bare Minimum

The only reason why you might not need any more coverage than the bare minimum of what your state requires is if you have an old clunker that isn’t worth very much. Even if it were totaled, the cost to replace it would be less costly than any premiums you would have to pay on it. In other words, it would be better to opt for a higher deductible for lower premiums.

As important as the rate is, it is not the sole factor you should consider when comparing car insurance. Things like customer service, claims processing, discounts, and other perks are essential as well. You’ll want to read reviews to see which companies people are complaining about. Which ones seem to have many complaints about customer service and the claims process? Which ones have high ratings and a lot of positive reviews?

Begin your shopping around for quotes and compare car insurance policies at a site like esurance. There you’ll find discounts, bundling deals, and plenty of free resources to help you get the best deal possible.

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