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Credit Saint Reviews Summary: About the Company’s Services, Pricing, and What Reviewers Say

When it comes to credit report cleanup services, Credit Saint reviews tend to be positive. This firm is a New Jersey-based company that has been around for 15+ years. It conveniently offers three different service levels and deals with any negative item that you can potentially remove. There is even a 90-day money-back guarantee just in case clients are not fully satisfied.

The free consultation is very insightful and educational. In many reviews, users praise the company for being upfront about what is removable and what isn’t, and what they can do and what they can’t. Those who do not fully understand credit reports and how they work can be an educational process. The techs seem to do an excellent job of explaining how credit reporting works to consumers.

They do not charge any money until after giving you the consultation and agree to continue with the service. Even then, you can still get your money back if you are not happy during the first 90 days. You will have virtual meetings and get regular updates on what is going on with your account. The entire process is simple and straightforward.

It also appears, according to Credit Saint reviews, that users never feel pressured into spending money. They don’t use scare tactics to try and manipulate people from signing up. The representatives are open to any questions potential clients might have.

Credit Saint Reviews of Service Levels

For those who do sign up, the three levels of service include:

  • Credit Polish (medium amount of aggressiveness)
  • Credit Remodel (high level of aggressiveness)
  • Clean Slate (very high level of aggressiveness)

There are 45-day cycles throughout the duration of the program.

For the Credit Polish and Credit Removal tiers, there might be a limit on the number of challenges they make to the three credit bureaus on your behalf. With the Clean Slate, there will be unlimited challenges. However, you might not need very many removals from your reports, to begin with – that is why the consultation is so important.

While there are tons of positive Credit Saint reviews, it’s not a perfect company. It’s not available in all states, like South Carolina. Also, some people aren’t happy with the reasonably high first-work fees.

Overall, it’s an above-average credit repair company. Even if the fees are somewhat high, most people are happy with the services in Credit Saint reviews. Find out if it’s available in your state, and if so, consider getting that free consultation. Don’t forget: there is a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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