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Debt Consolidation Programs and Debt Consolidation Loans – Understanding the Different Options and Deciding What is Right for You

When you’ve got more loans and credit cards that you can keep track of, and you are struggling to make payments on time for all of them every single month, debt consolidation programs might just be the best answer to your problem. This kind of program involves services that make it a lot easier for you to organize your debts and to make payments.

Some programs include a debt consolidation loan, which allows you to get one large loan to fully pay off all of your debts so that you can just focus on paying back that one loan. Whether or not you need this kind of loan depends on your specific situation and requirements.

If you’re unsure whether or not you want to convert all of your debts into a single loan, or just want to be better able to meet payment requirements for current debts, you can look into different debt consolidation programs to learn more. Typically, this kind of program will offer services such as Debt Counseling (usually the first step), which will allow you to work with an experienced member from the company, who will you lay out a plan. If anything seems off-putting about the “expert”, try another company instead.

Keep in mind that these kinds of programs focus on unsecured debts only. There really aren’t many options if you have secured debts. However, you can still benefit from some debt consolidation programs and credit counseling as you will be given valuable advice and assistance on how to set your monthly budget and which debts you should be prioritizing.

Fees of Debt Consolidation Programs

You’ll likely have to pay some fees, although they will be worthwhile, depending on the reliability of the program you choose. Even if it’s a non-profit organization offering debt consolidation assistance, there will be fees involved for setting everything up. Always compare fees from various organizations before picking one. Read reviews as well to see what other people have to say about each program you are considering.

If you want to try getting a consolidation loan for your unsecured debts, first look over all 3 of your credit reports. You can pull them for free once a year. Take a note of all of your debts – there might be some you are forgetting about. Also, examine your monthly budget. How much can you realistically and comfortably pay on the loan each month if you are approved?

One company you’ll really want to consider when looking for debt consolidation programs is CuraDebt. Free consultations and savings estimates are available, and it’s a highly-rated, reputable organization.

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