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Debt Management Help: Tips for Getting Organized and Choosing a Debt Relief Solution

If you think you’re going through a debt crisis, don’t panic. There is always a path for you to go through; it’s just a matter of getting organized and going through it. Bankruptcy is rare, but even it does come to that, you won’t be the only person who has ever had to do it, and there are even paths to eventually recover from that. In the meantime, it’s an important first step to at least acknowledge that you need debt management help.

Gather all of your data. It’s essential to know where you stand so that you can have as complete a picture as possible. Even if you plan to use a third party to help you get through debt, they will need you to provide them with the details as well. Grab your most recent bill statements for everything, from credit cards to student loans. Check your credit reports and your score to see what is currently reported and if it’s all accurate. Then, make a list of all of the debts, bills, and income.

Determine if it will be possible to meet all monthly payments, even if it’s just the minimum. If not, are there any unnecessary expenses that you can live without for at least a few months so that you can get back on track? Is there any way you can get some more income as quickly as possible?

The Cost of Debt Management Help

Regardless of the details, just know that there is debt management help out there for you and it’s not necessarily going to cost you money to get that help. It all starts with just contact a good debt relief company and asking for a free consultation. Avoid any “up-front fee” scams, as there should be no up-front fee. There are solutions such as debt consolidation, settlement, budget management assistance, and so forth.

Some programs are going to be difficult to qualify for than others. For instance, there are debt management companies that only accept cases that include at least $10,000 in unsecured debts. If you have under $10,000, then your options will be fewer, but there are still options for you. Another thing to consider is pricing AFTER the initial free consultation. If the service agrees to take on your case, how much are they going to charge you? Some of the industry prices go well beyond 20%, of the client’s total debt, so try to stick with one that’s as close to 20% as possible. Also, how will that fee be paid? They SHOULD be paid as the debts are settled, and not before.

If there is one debt management help service that is really recommended by many people, it is CuraDebt. The company has a very high rating. There are plenty of positive CuraDebt reviews, so find out if it is available in your state and sign up to receive the free consultation.

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