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Discount Stock Brokers Ratings: Overview of the Top 4 Online Discount Broker Companies

Do you want to buy shares of stock from popular companies? Or invest in EFTs of industries you have confidence in? You will need some type of stock broker account, if not an actual broker who will perform services for you. Those on a budget usually opt for the discount option. There is no shortage of online discount firms, so you must rely on your own independent research as well as discount stock brokers ratings for an understanding of which of these services are right for you.

A brokerage firm that is right for one trader might not be the best option to fit all your needs. Make sure you have an understanding of what you need before signing up for any online account.

To help you get started, here is a quick rundown on which online discount stock brokers have the best ratings:

TD Ameritrade

This is number one on many people’s lists. Much in part due to the fact that it has no minimum balance requirement for your account. It also offers a wealth of resources and educational videos and tools for beginners. There are versatile trading options, including stocks, options, FOREX, mutual funds, futures, and more. Members can even access their accounts via Alexa, Twitter, Apple Chat, and other platforms.


If you’re looking for discount stock brokers ratings that go way back, just know that this one was established in 1982. E*Trade literally has decades of experience offering online trading options. Some of its highlights include $0 trades, an excellent platform, two mobile apps, Commission-Free ETFs, and more. It also provides versatile trading options similar to TD Ameritrade.

Merrill Edge

Part of Bank of America, this company offers straightforward pricing. Some members even qualify for $0 online stock and EFT trades, although you’ll need a “preferred account” to benefit. Where Merrill Edge really stands out its “Guidance and Tools”, which gives members an innovative online experience complete with customizable features, flexible tools, and step-by-step guidance with your own needs in mind.

Zacks Trade

If you read discount stock brokers ratings, you’ll find that this is an ideal platform for day traders, or at least for those who prefer making trades on a regular basis at low fees. There are no inactivity fees or maintenance fees and trades start from $1.Members get nice perks, such as a versatile trading app, a full-featured workstation, outstanding support, low margin rates, and more.

These 4 are worth looking into if you are researching discount stock brokers ratings.

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