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FarmTogether Investment Reviews: Looking Over the Company Itself, Offerings, and All the Pros and Cons

More people are taking an interest in farm and agricultural investing as new, affordable opportunities arise. It’s not necessary to buy your own farm. Some organizations allow (accredited) investors to participate through crowdfunded farmland offers. According to FarmTogether investment reviews, this is an excellent opportunity for those who can afford it. There is also an option for those interested in bespoke sole ownership offers.

Let’s take a quick look at some of FarmTogether’s offerings and what members can expect:

CrowdFunded Offerings

  • For accredited investors
  • $15,000 minimum requirement
  • Hold periods range from around 5 – 12 years.
  • A variety of curated assets to suit a range of portfolio needs
  • Seamless investment process
  • 1% fee annually for asset management / 1% of the total investment upfront on each investment made

(Note: according to FarmTogether investment reviews, additional fees may incur for partner deals.)

Sole Ownership – Bespoke Offering

  • Ideal for individual investors who want sole ownership
  • Minimum $1,000,000 in equity (per farm)
  • 1031 exchanges eligibility
  • Investor’s sole discretion regarding the hold period, risk-return profile, and cash yield
  • Taxation, legality, and capital structure are fully customizable.
  • The fee is also customizable, in alignment with the deal structure(s)

FarmTogether supports investments made from individuals and corporations, self-directed IRAs, LLCs, and other similar entities.

1031 Exchange and Secondary Market Liquidity are new offers that the organization is developing.

Here are some of the pros often mentioned in FarmTogether investment reviews:

  • Excellent educational material for all investors
  • Good mix of income opportunities and appreciation
  • Excellent ability to identify profitable investments with the farm properties curates
  • Offers tools such as calculators to help investors make intelligent decisions
  • It has a secondary market that lets members sell their shares.
  • Has an excellent track record when it comes to significant returns and low risks
  • Manages the farmland and does all the hard work
  • Cash flow payments are quarterly

No investment platform is perfect. While FarmTogether has put together a great platform, some investors have a couple of potential drawbacks. First, as mentioned above, both of the investment options are currently open to accredited investors only.

It’s also a relatively new company that only established offerings in 2019. Nevertheless, the track record is looking good, and all indicators point to continued success and profitable returns.

Overall, the FarmTogether investment reviews are positive. Its services are worth signing up for, provided that the investor can quickly fulfill the minimum amount requirements and are accredited.

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