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Fastest Way to Repair Credit: Summary of How Credit Reports Work & How You Can Raise the Score

It doesn’t take very long at all for a credit report to be damaged. Your credit score can go way down in a short period of time over something unexpected, like a job loss and inability to pay on your accounts, or even getting your identity stolen. Unfortunately, it often takes a lot longer than that to repair the credit and your score back up again. The fastest way to repair credit is to get professionals to help you get mistakes removed – especially if you are a victim of fraud.

Even if all of the right measures are taken and negative items are removed, it can still take several weeks or even months to see the results of your efforts. There is still no guarantee that the credit score itself will go up by “X” amount of points by “X” date. At best, a legitimate credit repair company can give you an estimate, but never a specific guarantee. Avoid any claims of specific guarantees at all costs as it will just likely turn out to be a scam and you will be even more in trouble financially.

What factors affect a credit score? Payment history on your accounts and credit utilization ratios (how much you owe compared to whatever the maximum limit is) make up the bulk of importance on credit reports. If payment history and utilization ratio are what is keeping your credit score down, then obviously the fastest way to repair credit is to start paying more on those accounts ASAP. Catch up on whatever you’re behind on and pay more than just the minimum requirement.

Fastest Way to Repair Credit With Error Detection

If there are any errors, mistakes, or just any bits of information that seem “unfair” to you, then it’s time to consult with the professionals. Don’t ever pay any money upfront. You should get a free consultation from a company first and foremost. If they are legitimate, they will tell you honestly what they can and cannot do to help you with. It also helps to read the Fair Credit Reporting Act yourself so you’ll have a better understanding of whether or not something really is “unfair” or “off” about your reports.

Even if a credit report repair organization cannot legally or truthfully tell you many points they can raise your score to, it can still provide you with PAST numbers and scores. For instance, what is the average number of items previous clients have had removed from their reports?

10 might be a good number to start with. The fastest way to repair credit is to choose an organization like Lexington Law to help you. As of right now, 10.2 items removed per customer is their average over the course of their operation. You can learn more by getting a free consultation.

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