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Financial Newsletters: Overview of 5 Helpful Newsletters & Resources for Investors

Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed by all of the investment resources and information (as well as misinformation) on the internet. You need to know how to sort through it all and stick with a source that you can trust. It helps that the online brokers offer educational resources as part of their subscription. Still, some financial newsletters are just as good – if not better – at providing you with quality information and stock picks.

The better newsletters are the ones that arrive in your inbox as promised promptly without delay, offer plenty of expertise and helpful advice that you can take and use. They provide suggestions and stock picks and explain why those particular stocks ARE an excellent pick.

Here are just a few suggestions to help you get started:

Morning Brew

This journal is an excellent introductory newsletter since it’s free and comes out six days a week. There are over 2 million subscribers. There is plenty of information and helpful resources such as quizzes and all the latest news of all industries: business, finance, tech, entertainment, sports, etc. Also, six pre-market figures and the daily price trend are outlined (S&P 500, Nasdaq, price of gold, oil, and more).

The Myth of Money

While not as well known as the other financial newsletters on this list, it’s still worth subscribing to and comes with much valuable information. Each week, subscribers receive the newsletter, which has all of the essential financial topics worldwide. It also offers details about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and how volatile they can be.

The Behavior Gap

Are you more of a visual learner? Do you have trouble concentrating when reading about strategies in other financial newsletters? Certified Financial Planner Carl Richards is also a creator of the “Sketch Guy column,” which has been appearing in the NYT since 2010. Through these sketches, complex financial and investment strategies are put in an easy to understand drawings.

Get one of these sketches in your inbox every week through The Behavior Gap.

Profit from the Pros – Zacks

There are over 800,000 subscribers of this newsletter. Each morning, this e-newsletter is delivered to their inbox, containing briefings on key market developments from the Pros. There is no obligation ever to have to pay for this information.

Motley Fool Premium Services

The problem with the other financial newsletters mentioned is that they are free, which means they will have a lot more members reading the same advice and recommendations you are. As you gain experience, you might want to consider a premium service, and Motley Fool is the name to go with. The information you’ll receive is top-notch and not common knowledge. The advice and picks result from a lot of studies and evaluations by leaders in the industry.

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