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Fix Bad Credit Fast Info – Is it Possible to Raise Your Score Quickly? What Steps Should You Take?

Is it possible to fix bad credit fast? It depends on what you mean by “fast.” No one is going to increase their credit score overnight. However, if you can regain control over your debts and start trying to repair your credit reports as quickly as possible, the sooner you will see an increase in your credit score.

According to experts, the lower your score, the faster it will be to raise it at least 100 points within a couple of months. In this industry, though, there is never any guarantee when it comes to specific numbers and timeframes. It would take an estimated less time for people with terrible credit to fix it because every item they can fix will be more significant than those whose credit situation is more on the “upside.”

No matter your situation, you’re not going to fix bad credit fast until you get copies of all three of your credit reports. If you haven’t yet done so, do it ASAP. You need to view and access the reports to know what needs to be fixed and which bureaus to contact to have those items removed. It will require you to contact each bureau to address each item, work with a credit repair company, and have them do everything on your behalf.

And by “everything,” they will do everything the law and Credit Repair Organizations Act allows them to do. So look over the CROA before deciding if credit repair services are ideal for you. As long as you choose a reputable one, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. They won’t charge you upfront for anything, and you’ll get a free consultation beforehand.

Fix Bad Credit Fast, But Not Too Fast

A reputable company WILL NOT give you any specifics regarding the number of points and an exact timeframe, as doing so goes against the CROA. In other words, if they are trying to claim that they will help you “FIX BAD CREDIT FAST!!!! 100+ POINTS WITHIN 1 MONTH!” then that is a scam and NOT coming from a legitimate company. Stay away from such false advertising and look for a credit repair organization following the rules.

Reading reviews will help as well. A quick Google search will help you sort out the legitimate companies from the fraudulent ones. And, once again, there is still the option of having negative items removed from your credit reports yourself. Look for examples of letters you can send to the credit bureaus so you’ll know how to word them properly.

In summary, to fix bad credit fast, you will need the most recent copies of your credit reports and the ability to regain control over your debts. If you want to work with a legitimate credit repair company, choose one like Lexington Law or Credit Saint, both of which have high ratings and a lot of positive reviews. Get your free consultation as soon as possible.

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