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Good Investment Opportunities Overview: Best Types of Investments and Industries to Help You Diversify Your Portfolio

How can you find some good investment opportunities right now? Before you make any decisions and put your money into any investment, you must first develop a strategy for diversifying your portfolio. It’s essential to create as broadly as a diversified portfolio as possible to lower the risk of loss. There should be a mix of stocks, ETFs, bonds, etc. across several industries. Even if one sector or company goes under, you’ll still have some of your money put elsewhere, and your portfolio as a whole will be relatively safe.

In general, the best investments so far in 2020 include CDs and Money Market Accounts from online banks, real estate, REITs, Bonds (Municipal and Government), Treasury Securities, S&P 100 Index funds and NASDA 100 Index funds, a high-yield savings account, dividend-paying stocks, and industry-specific index funds. Growth stocks and growth funds are also worth a look.

Speaking of industries, what are some that are considered generally safe in 2020? You might find profitable investment opportunities in one of these:

· Biotechnology

· AI and information technology

· Real estate

· Marijuana / CBD

· Oil and Gas

· Telehealth

Good Investment Opportunities in Other Sectors

This list doesn’t mean that you have to buy stock in all of these industries. You can choose an ETF in at least three of them. Having a high-yield savings account or Money Market account with an online bank is a good idea as well.

Don’t forget about international investments, either. There are problems with the US market, such as dwindling recession fears, the uncertainty of the future (the election is coming soon), and a resurgence of international markets. For these reasons, you might want to pay attention to the global markets and invest in other countries. You can look into UAE, Germany, Canada, and Australia, as they all have stable real estate markets for the time being.

The good thing about real estate is that you can still have a stake in it without actually buying the property. This method is where REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts come in. These can include condominium complexes, commercial real estate, retail, hotels, hospitals, and more. Don’t forget about agricultural investments.

The Biotech industry is vital right now and offers some good investment opportunities. Companies are going overtime researching and trying to develop potential vaccines and medications to deal with the pandemic. Regarding the pandemic, the telehealth industry is going strong since many people don’t want to visit doctors’ offices and clinics in person.

Whatever you are looking for, and whatever your portfolio diversity strategy is like, you can find plenty of neat, innovative ideas for good investment opportunities with Capitalist Exploits.

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