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Highest Rated Investment Newsletters Review: The Top 5 Newsletters / Stock Subscription Services

If you’re hoping to improve your finance IQ, one of the best things you can do is to subscribe to at least one or a two of the highest rated investment newsletters. This way, you can continuously gleam insights into the stock market and other investments and keep up with what is going on. The great thing about these newsletters is that they often include stock picks and recommendations on where you might want to put your money.

Some of the better ones do cost money to subscribe to, but the info they provide is truly valuable and comes from the top money managers, experts, and actual investors themselves. They are usually delivered via email on daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on which one(s) you subscribe to.

Here is a quick look at some of the highest rated investment newsletters to check out:


Bloomberg is a name that everyone is familiar with. It’s considered to be a major provider of news and information in the finance and business world. Subscribers to the Digital Subscription get news on all financial sectors, updates on global economy, details on the finance and technology markets, and so forth. There is often comprehensive journalism involved as well for those who want more in-depth info on topics ranging from the current political climate and budget deficit.

Fidelity Investor

Widely-renowned investment expert Jim Lowell is behind this award-winning newsletter, which has been around for more than two decades already. In addition to the weekly email, which includes performance updates, quarterly reviews of 401(k) plans, etc., subscribers get exclusive 24-hour access to a members-only area of the site that is filled with all types of tools and resources.


Forbes doesn’t offer an all-in-one newsletter like some of the other newsletters on this list. Subscribers can choose which topic they want exclusive details and updates about. These highest rated investment newsletters are divided up into various groups: Stocks, Options, Funds & EFTs, Economic Analysis, and so forth. The prices range considerably depending on the number of newsletters you want to subscribe to.

Motley Fool

Motley Fool also offers a quality selection of investment newsletters such as Stock Advisors (low price & best performance) and Rule Breakers, Options, and “Rule Your Retirement”. Members all get 24/7 access to all of the proprietary reports and research that has been created over Motley Fool’s 15+ years of existence. The best thing is that there is a free trial period and a money back guarantee.


Zacks might not be the most well-known of the highest rated investment newsletters, but it really is worth subscribing to. You can even try it for free, but only premium members get to see the full research reports and lists of the best stock ideas. There are plenty of research and industry tracking tools and apps.

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