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Investing in Agricultural Land: Info You Need to Know About the Benefits and Your Options

Have you been wondering if agricultural land is worth an investment? Is farmland real estate worth your money? The answer to these questions is “absolutely.” You don’t even have actually to buy your farm. There are a few options for investing in agricultural land. Some of which are far more affordable and feasible for the average real estate investor. Agriculture is an industry with a long history of bringing in stable returns.

One of the most significant benefits is having land as a tangible asset – even if you are not the full owner. This benefit is a good thing to have in any portfolio. Also, there is the possibility of tax deduction with farmland regarding depreciation. There are many things on a farm that can depreciate over time, such as irrigation pivots, barns, grain storage, and so forth. On the other hand, the land’s overall value will increase over the years, as long as it has good care.

You can make some mistakes, such as not employing a professional who has the knowledge and expertise in the agricultural market. It would be best if you worked with more than a professional. You need to work with someone who can help you invest in agricultural land of a specific type. This individual should be familiar with the geographical area of the farmland.

There is an agricultural land plot that the government itself has set aside with future infrastructure projects plans. These kinds of investments are worth looking into for obvious reasons.

Investing in Agricultural Land Hedges Against Inflation

Did you know that there is no other investment that offers a hedge against inflation as much as farmland? Even gold doesn’t provide that much protection. This hedge is yet another reason to consider investing in agricultural land.

As mentioned above, you don’t have to purchase farmland itself. You can become a co-owner, or invest in things like the crops themselves. You should sign up with the right company with qualified professionals. This way, you can get carefully curated industrial-grade agricultural property. You can also get resources that’ll be great for your portfolio.

There are farmland crowdfunding options with simple, low-fees. They also have bespoke sole ownership options of quality curated properties. Choose an investing platform that will give you access to online reporting, a detailed investment thesis, regular updates, and income payouts.

Your best bet for investing in agricultural land is with an organization such as FarmTogether. This company is a technology-enabled agricultural and farmland investment platform. It provides investors like yourself direct access to quality farmland as an asset class, with a choice of either a more affordable crowdfunded option or a bespoke offering.

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