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Credit repair is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a process to help one clean up their credit reports and increase the score. You can either go through this process yourself or by working with a company like Lexington Law. Contact them online by calling 1-833-335-6539 or signing up online to get a free consultation.

While there are plenty of other credit assistance programs out there, some of them are just scams. The good thing about Lexington Law is that they are up-front, that there is no way to predict precisely when your credit score will go up or how long it will take to get everything removed. At best, they can give you an estimated time frame and keep you updated with every decision they make.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act plays a role in the process of cleaning up your reports. You, as the consumer, have laws and rights that this Act protects. The FCRA requires that the credit bureaus are supposed to verify the accuracy of every item on your reports, and you are allowed to challenge any item you feel is either incorrect or incomplete. If you can prove that the bureaus violated the FCRA, you have the right to seek damages.

This reason is why it’s a good idea to fill out the Lexington Law contact form instead of trying to figure everything out by yourself. They are better at proving that someone breached your rights. They might also be able to help protect you from mistakes or inappropriate behavior from the creditors and debt collectors themselves if they are not completely honest regarding your payments history.

Lexington Law Contact Information to Avoid Errors When Trying Yourself

Suppose you do want to try removing the items yourself. In that case, Lexington Law will give you free resources such as a free dispute letter template to help you get started. These include 609 dispute letters, goodwill letters, “pay for delete” letters, and hard inquiry dispute letters. There is plenty of information about each type of letter and what you can use it for.

You can’t remove every negative item. If you’ve made a late payment in the last couple of years, it belongs on the report. Suppose it’s been several years, however, since you’ve last made mistakes, and those mistakes are still on the report hurting your score even though the statutes of limitations in your state have passed. In that case, you need to try and get that removed.

Find out if there is any Lexington Law contact available in your state to learn more about the FCRA, your rights, the DIY approach, and professional help. There are a few different levels of service if you become a paid member.

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