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Lexington Law Firm Reviews for Cleaning Up Credit Reports – The Pros & Cons of This Credit Repair Company

Many Americans are either struggling with some debt or have in the past and are now dealing with a messed up credit report. Thankfully, there are credit repair firms out there with legal analysts who offer services to help consumers clean up their reports. So what are people saying in Lexington Law Firm reviews? Is it a legitimate company?

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Lexington Law has been around since 2004. It’s based in North Salt Lake, UT, with additional offices in Tucson, AZ.
  • Since 2004, the firm has sent out 221+ million challenges and disputes on behalf of its clients.
  • As of 2020, clients saw over 7 million errors and negative items removed from their reports.
  • This organization adheres to the regulations set forth by the Credit Repair Organizations Act.
  • There is utilization with digital partnerships to decrease the firm’s reliance on traditional mail systems.

It appears that Lexington Law Firm reviews are pretty positive, and the ratings are above average at most consumer review sites. Most accumulated ratings are above 4.2, with a few that dip to around 3.5 – 3.8 (out of 5).

Lexington Law Firm Reviews With a Positive Tone

Here are some of the pros mentioned in positive reviews:

  • Tend to educate people on credit reporting laws to help them understand how their credit report turned out the way it did and how much of it can be fixed.
  • Provides free consultations and start working very quickly
  • Do an excellent job of keeping creditors off consumers’ backs.
  • Will get aggressive with the credit bureaus and creditors if they need to (without going into any illegal territory)
  • Have paralegals assigned to each case, who do a good job keeping the client updated with everything going on?

According to Lexington Law Firm reviews, the only potential drawbacks for some are the costs (not as cheap as other credit repair companies) and that its services are not available in every state. There doesn’t appear to be a money-back guarantee, either. However, potential clients are notified upfront during the free consultation if the company can do anything to improve their credit score. If so, what steps will be necessary?

Even though not everyone is happy with the costs, there are a few different pricing tiers to choose from, depending on the level of service(s) you require. The firm does offer its services in MOST states, excluding NC and Oregon.

One of the most significant issues with many credit repair companies is that they are either outright scams or just companies that don’t have a network of legal analysts and paralegals working with clients. Yet, this is one of the most significant benefits, according to Lexington Law Firm reviews.

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