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Small Business Equipment Financing Guide: Understanding Loans, Lines of Credit, & Equipment Leasing Offers

There are several options available to small business owners who need new or updated equipment. Whatever your goals are, you can try and get financing via leasing or a loan. There might also be a line of credit you qualify for, depending on your credit report. It doesn’t matter what your industry is. Every company and professional entrepreneur needs equipment of some kind. Small business equipment financing is required to get it.

Whether you are involved in a construction project or need computer software, at some point, you’re going to need to purchase, upgrade, or replace equipment. Every industry goes through changes, and the technical standards and protocols are always evolving. The cost of trying to keep up with updates and new equipment is way too much to pay out of pocket.

Business loans for equipment work similarly to any other medium-to-long term installment loan. If you are approved, then you will receive a lump sum of money. The loan will accumulate interest over a while at either variable or fixed rates. It is typical for small business equipment financing loans to require some down payment. Also, in some instances, shipment and delivery of the equipment are not included, so you might have to pay a bit of money out of pocket.

Lenders will require that you provide them with information regarding the type of equipment you are planning and where to get it. Depending on that lender, the funding may or may not be paid to you directly, but to the vendor.

Small Business Equipment Financing With Lines of Credit

As for equipment lines of credit, you can describe it as a non-revolving line of credit that extends to the borrower for purchasing equipment. This option tends to be more flexible than a loan for small business equipment financing. You might not necessarily need to provide information about the model and vendor you are choosing.

Lastly, there is leasing to consider. In today’s world, “leasing” doesn’t have to be “renting.” The process covers arrangements ranging from traditional renting to an agreement that you will have the option to buy the equipment after using it for a while.

Now that you understand your options a little more, you can begin the process of small business equipment financing. Ideally, start with US Business Funding. It offers some of the best solutions at affordable prices tailored toward any specific industry.

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