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Stock Broker Companies: Top 4 Online Trading Platforms for Beginners, Casual Traders, Budget Traders, & Advanced Traders

If you want to start trading stocks or other securities, it’s essential that you have some sort of stock broker. The good thing about living in the internet age is that you don’t have to hire one the old fashioned way. You now have access to the tools, information, resources, guides, tutorials, advice, etc. offered by stock broker companies. Signing up for an online stock trading platform can be a wise thing to do, just as long as you choose one that matches your trading style.

There are a few things to consider, such as commissions and fees. How much will it cost you to use the brokerage? Is the platform easy to use for beginners, yet versatile with advanced features for more experienced traders? Are the amount of educational resources, learning materials, trading tools, etc… easy to access and worth the price?

To help you get started with your searching, here are a few stock broker companies to look into right now:

Charles Schwab

There is something for every type of trader with Schwab. For beginners, there is an easy-to-use investing platform and app, which gives users the ability to buy / sell securities, manage accounts, enter transfers, and more. EFTs and mutual funds are commission-free. Expert traders will appreciate the advanced desktop and online trading systems, fast and easy mobile trades, probably calculators, and more.


If it’s free trades you’re after, then this one might be right for you. It DOES NOT come with all of the bells and whistles as the others on this list, nor does it come with a wide range of trading options. But it’s free to use FOREVER, and for some people, that’s enough. There is also an option to trade cryptocurrency – not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum and other new digital currencies.

TD Ameritrade

This is one that you’ve likely heard of before. TD Ameritrade is a popular online / app trading platform that appeals to beginners and active traders alike. Beginners will appreciate the zero commissions, easy-to-navigate app, and hundreds of how-to videos. Active traders will find this to be among the better stock broker companies due to its alerts, charts, and “Thinkorswim” technology, which makes it possible to trade 24 hours per day (5 days per week) on certain securities on a 24-hour global trading cycle.

Zacks Trade

Here is another trading platform that is notorious for making its processes available across the globe. It’s ideal for more advanced traders as well as those who prefer to have a customizable workstation. It’s still easy to use, however, for more casual traders looking for the best stock broker companies. Benefits of Zacks Trade include a variety of securities, low cost trading, no inactivity fees, and top-notch resource tools.

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