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Stock Trading Apps for Beginners – Top Trading Platforms for Getting Started & What They Offer

Buying stocks is something more and more people are doing these days. Some take things slowly and carefully develop a strategy, while others want to follow trends and hope for the best. Either way, getting rich quickly through the stock market is a pretty rare thing, so it’s in anyone’s best interest to educate themselves first. The best stock trading apps for beginners will come with learning tools, tutorials, guides, videos, etc.

What are some of the best trading apps in late 2021, going into 2022?

TD Ameritrade

There are now several apps and Windows trading platforms through TD Ameritrade, which is now part of the same company as Schwab. There is Ameritrade Mobile, thinkorswim web, thinkorswim desktop, etc. All of these come with LIVE help via chat, free access to real-time quotes, the ability to make futures, options, and other types of trades, and many assistance for beginners.


This broker is an award-winning platform for commission-free equities trading. There are $0 fees but a $500 minimum account opening requirement. While it’s primarily for active traders, there is still enough for casual traders who don’t have much experience. Features include top-notch technology, commission-free stock, options, and ETF trading, comprehensive research, and more than 2,000 mutual funds (although there may be fees). Also, there might be a fee for accounts that are not active enough.


While it was getting some bad publicity there for a while by more experienced users, Robinhood is still one of the easiest-to-use stock trading apps for beginners. Its interface is so streamlined that anybody can learn how to use it almost right away. Those whose primary goal is to learn how to trade stocks will find that Robinhood’s design is created with user-friendliness and convenience in mind.


Are you interested in automated investing? Get a wide range of investments with the Fidelity platform. There is even an opportunity to invest in CDs, precious metals, and IPOs. Users also get free, independent research from dozens of providers.

Zacks Trade

While it might not be the simplest choice, Zacks Trade is still one of the best stock trading apps for beginners who know and want to start taking trading seriously. It offers numerous services and perks, including research subscriptions to top publications, NO maintenance fees, NO inactivity fees, 24/7 access to global markets, and a “feature-rich workstation” for optimizing your trading speed and efficiency.

Like other online trading brokers, Zacks offers a couple of web-based platforms and apps for mobile users. However, suppose you’re still relatively new. In that case, the “Zacks Trader” app is probably the best choice since it has a clean, simplified interface.


When comparing stock trading apps for beginners, there isn’t one “best” platform for everyone. It all depends on your preference, needs, interests, and trading style. Things to consider include fees and account balances, learning materials, interface design, what kinds of trades are allowed, and how easy it is to obtain assistance.

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