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Tips for Young Investors – Which Investments Should You Focus on Now? What about for the Long-Term?

Investing and personal finance are subjects not taught enough in schools. Unless you study finance in college, investing is something you’ll have to learn about on your own. Fortunately, these days, young people live in the age of technology and information, with an abundance of tools at their fingertips. There are also more types of investments than ever before. Taking the time to read tips for young investors is a really smart way to get started.

Even though you have time on your side, you should still have good self-control. Don’t just jump onto every trend and buy a stock just because many other people are. At least take the time to learn about stocks as well as any other asset class you are interested in, such as mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, and so on, before taking any actions.

Starting a savings account is the safest type of investment for anyone – especially a young person who has plenty of time to sit and allow the interest to accumulate. There are regular savings accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and Money Market accounts. One of the best tips for young investors is to keep their money in a bank that pays a high APY of 0.40% or higher, and the FDIC backs that. Online banks that allow digital deposits are ideal.

Tips for Young Investors About Stocks and Bonds

Another thing to do is learn about stocks and bonds. Stocks are the riskier choice, but they do typically have higher returns. Once again, younger people have the advantage since they have more time to wait until the stock market is in their favor. Of course, inflation is a huge benefit too, but you’ll have to choose a stock in an industry that will still be relevant in the decades to come.

As for bonds, while the long-term growth potential is less than stocks, there is still a promise of a return. There is always the possibility that a stock will not be worth much of anything. Experts seem to agree that bonds perform well during uncertain times, and we are certainly living in uncertain times right now. Still, diversification is essential, so consider looking into stocks as well.

Long-term savings are essential for young adults, as expenses for college, a home, a car, and retirement are huge. Saving for retirement is perhaps the most necessary expense of them all, and you’ll want to get started with that as early as possible.

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