Top 10 Money Market Accounts: Guide to the Top 10 Online Banks & Credit Unions Right Now

A money market account is a smart way to earn a decent amount of money back via an annual percentage yield or APY. Online banks are the best places to find these kinds of accounts as they tend to offer higher than average APY%. Your money will be safe as long as the bank is backed by the FDIC (or Credit Union is part of the NCUA) and stay within the guidelines. Here are the top 10 money market accounts right now:

Affinity Plus Credit Union

While this is a Minnesota-based financial institution, it still offers attractive financial products to other states. Just sign up and start either a Capital Money Market Account or Superior Market. You can open the latter online. You can open a Capital Account via contact. Currently, the APY is 1%.

Ally Bank

This bank is a top-rated online bank with over 2.5 million or so customers. There is a $0 minimum deposit requirement, and the current APY % is 0.50% on all account tiers. You earn money at a competitive rate – the interest compounds daily to ensure that your money grows more quickly.

Prime Alliance Bank

There are standard money market accounts for individuals that include free deposit checks via mobile app, no monthly maintenance fee, up to 6 withdrawals or transfers per month without fees, and so forth. All balances get 0.60% APY.
Navy Federal Credit Union

For military service members and families, this Credit Union is among the top 10 money market accounts. You can earn dividends with balances as low as $2,500. The APY right now is around 0.500%.

Axos Bank

You can open up an account with this internet-only bank for just $1,000. Even with just $1,000, you can still earn the stated APY, which is 0.60% right now. There are no monthly maintenance fees.

Sallie Mae Bank

There is easy account management with this bank, which is traditionally associated with student loans. However, you don’t have to be a student to open up a money market account with Sallie Mae. There is a range of savings products. The current APY is .40%, and this is compounded daily and paid monthly.

CFG Bank

This bank offers are among the top 10 money market accounts due to its high yield account offerings with a rate of 0.66%. It’s a member of FDIC. It’s easy for individuals to let their money grow with CFG (rates don’t apply to business accounts).


Formerly known as EverBank, TIAA offers a range of financial services, including money market accounts with competitive rates. The current rate is around 0.40%. It only takes $500 to open.

Spectrum Credit Union

This credit union offers high-yield savings options, which include convenient access to your funds. Rates are regularly as much as 6% higher than the national average. With a $2,500 minimum balance, you can expect to earn the current APY at .50%.

CIT Bank

Of the top 10 money market accounts, the products offered by CIT Bank are some of the best, thanks to its excellent customer service and easy access to your account. There is just a $100 minimum deposit required for opening an account. The current APY is 0.45%.

Now you have several of the top bank and credit unions to look into. Of the top 10 money market accounts, CIT Bank is the one you might want to check out right now.

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