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Top Rated Brokerage Firms Guide: Overview of 5 of the Best Discount Broker Platforms Right Now

Anybody who wants to start trading stocks is going to need a discount broker. The good news is that you don’t have to hire one. All you have to do is use an online trading app or web-based software. A few top rated brokerage firms are available to help investors of all types. Those range from beginners to casual investors, all the way up to the day traders who like to play the stock market game.

Here is a quick overview of some of the best trading apps highly rated by many other investors.

TD Ameritrade

This firm stands out as a top all-around brokerage program that offers outstanding tools and products and $0 stock trade fees, no account minimum requirements, and in-depth research. In addition to stocks, you can invest in futures contracts, ETFs, mutual funds, crypto-currency, margin lending, and more.


This broker is another of the top-rated brokerage firms due to its $0 commission trades, $0.65 options contracts, and $0.50 with 30 or more trades per quarter. There is also a $0 account minimum, which is appealing to new investors. For long-term investors who have a lot of money and experience, there are plenty of benefits as well. Those benefits include thousands of ETFs and mutual funds that you can trade for free.

JP Morgan Self-Directed Investing

If you bank with Chase, then why not just use the JP Morgan Self-Directed Investing App? There are $0 commission trades and thousands of investments to choose from, including a wide range of EFTs, stocks, mutual funds, options, and more to choose from. The app itself offers an intuitive experience. Also, the Portfolio Builder tool makes it easy to build a diversified portfolio with the right amount of investments.

Interactive Brokers

This broker is one of the top-rated brokerage firms for individuals who want low pricing and learning tools to help them with their fixed-income investing goals. These goals may be to generate some income or protect your assets. You can also build a diversified portfolio with ETFs to help gain exposure to any particular segment of the market that interests you.

Interactive Brokers primarily aims for more knowledgeable, sophisticated investors.

Zacks Trade

This firm is also a brokerage platform ideal for more experienced daily traders. They are especially for those getting fed up with some of the restrictions put in place by other, more popular trading apps.

Even if you’re more of a casual investor, there is a lot about Zacks Trade that makes it worth considering among the top rated brokerage firms. For instance, it is a very robust platform that even offers FREE broker-assisted trades. It has ample research offerings as well as access to international exchanges.

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