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Top-Rated Credit Repair Agencies Guide: What the Real, Legitimate Repair Firms Can and Can’t Do

Do you need help with your credit? Trying to do it yourself will require a great deal of time, energy, determination, and patience. It’s not surprising that many people turn to top-rated credit repair agencies to help repair their credit.

Please take note of the phrase “top-rated.” There are many so-called “credit fixing services” online, and many of them are scams. Pay close attention to the account’s set up. Also, notice the terms of any potential “account setup fee.” By federal law, they cannot try to charge you – in advance – for any service that they have not yet provided. It is not uncommon for there to be a small account setup fee. This fee will cover their credit reports’ request so that they can look over them in detail.

A legitimate company specializes in finding mistakes on all three credit reports. Then the company either disputes them or tries to negotiate to have some removed. There is generally a monthly or quarter-annually charge. When their service pleases you and your credit score rises, you should have permission to stop the service. The top-rated credit repair agencies should offer you an easy way to leave them when you feel it’s time to go.

It’s no secret that credit repair takes time – even if you choose the best company possible. Your score isn’t going to increase overnight. At the earliest, it might take three months to start seeing results. Any claim that seems better and faster than that is most likely a scam. It’s a red flag that you should stay away from that particular agency.

Top-Rated Credit Repair Agencies Will Need Your Papers

Keep your papers in order as you might have to do a bit of the work yourself. Even the top-rated credit repair agencies can’t do everything 100% without help on your part. You might need to show them some documented evidence for items that they can dispute. Such items include account details, proof of payment, and others.

Credit fixing firms don’t offer the same price structures. Sometimes they have their unique methods of employing repair strategies. Make sure that they are not doing anything illegal. Take the time to read the reviews.

Here are a few of the top-rated credit repair agencies to consider:

• Sky Blue Credit
• The Credit Pros
• The Credit People
• Lexington Law

Of all listed companies, Lexington Law may be the best of the top-rated credit repair agencies. It has actual attorneys and paralegals associated with its network. Each client will have a paralegal assigned to their case. It’s currently available in all states except for Oregon.

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