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Top Rated Investment Newsletters: Top 4 Newsletters / Subscription Services to Consider Joining

Investing is usually considered a good way of preserving or growing wealth – as long as it does the right way. Whether you’re interested in playing the stock market or have some long-term financial goals like saving for retirement, one way to better educate yourself is to subscribe to the top rated investment newsletters.

The appeal of these kinds of newsletters is that they are delivered in a convenient, straightforward manner and contain information that members are specifically interested in. Not only are they educational resources that help you learn about investing, they also contain picks and recommendations, as well as reasons why those particular recommendations are a good choice for investors.

There are many stock newsletters out there, though. How do you know which one is right for you? Performance and results are definitely important factors to consider. There are actual “Investment Newsletter Honor Roll” lists out there to read. You should also read some reviews from actual members and ordinary investors to see what they think about any particular newsletter you are interested in. Are people complaining that it’s just a waste of time and/or money?

To help you get started, here are a few of the top rated investment newsletters to research:

Linde Equity

This portfolio manager / investment advisor service is intended to help individual investors make informed decisions and build their portfolios. Some members join because they need a new advisor, while others need help managing their investments. Since May 2000, the Linde Equity Report has had an annualized average return of 26%.

Investment Quality Trends

Since the 1960s, “IQ Trends” has been providing investors with all of the research, tools, analysis they need to identify high-quality stocks and to know when to buy, sell, or hold. This newsletter has had positive reviews in Forbes and the Economists, and consistently makes the “Newsletter Honor Roll” lists. There are a few subscription options, including a Trial Subscription, which includes two issues a month for a total of 4.


There are currently over 800,000 current members, all ranging from students to CEOs. Finimize is more than just one of the top rated investment newsletters – it’s an actual global community that has members from 6 continents and 40 cities around the world. Get access to 5-minute daily briefs every morning and 30-minute expert breakdowns. Finimize offers a free trial. There are resources for every type of investor.

Motley Fool

The great thing about Motley Fool is that it does all of the hard work for you and finds companies that are good to invest in that you might otherwise overlook. While there are a number of products and subscription services to choose from, the Stock Advisor is a great place to start. It offers two stop recommendations per month, the “best buys now”, and all of the community and investing resources members need.

Motley Fool is definitely the #1 pick for top rated investment newsletters.

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