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Best Credit Repair Law Firm: Understanding How Credit Reports Work and How You Can Get Them Fixed Up

If you’ve been trying to live with bad credit, you likely know all about the negative impacts it can have on your life. You pretty much cannot get approved for anything. At best, you might qualify for a high-interest secured card with a lot of fees. Even if you’re on the path to recovery, it’s still going to take a long while to clean up all three reports. This path is where the best credit repair law firm will come in.

You probably already know what all affects a credit score. Here is a quick remember just in case:

  • Payment history over at least seven years (including late payments)
  • Length of the credit history
  • The balance owed to the actual limit ratio (credit utilization)
  • Inquiries to the credit files
  • Everything regarding your credit cards, loans, store cards, etc…

You may make an effort to pay on time every month. At least as often as possible. It is possible your credit score still might be lower than it should if you are only paying the minimum payment requirement. It helps to spend a couple of dollars extra on each card every month.

As for credit utilization, if you are near the balance limit, your score will suffer. Try to keep the balance lower than 70% of the limit on each account.

Best Credit Repair Law Firm Can Only Do So Far

Any inquiries into your reports will likely factor into the score in a negative away. For this reason, it’s best not to get carried away with applying for new lines of credit and loans.

The best credit repair firm will carefully go over all three of your reports and decide if they can remove any items. Why all three? Most lenders and creditors report to only one or two report bureaus, but not all three. It’s doubtful that all three of your scores are the same. There might even be a 60 – 70 point difference between your highest score and your lowest.

Things can get a bit messy if you try to fix Everything yourself. Many people will turn to the best credit repair law firm is to have professionals do all of the hard work for them. They will do Everything they can (legally) to remove the items hurting your reports and get more positive things added. The rates vary, but many of them charge a flat fee. Some offer different tier levels of service. Whatever you do, AVOID any credit repair company will try to make you pay Everything upfront.

Since there are several of these services these days, how can you find the best credit repair law firm? Lexington Law is a good one to start with, as it has an excellent reputation and a lot of positive feedback.

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