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Best Insurance Plans for Small Business: Overview of the Top Places for Small Business Owners to Find Insurance

It’s hard enough trying to run a small business. Getting the right insurance is at least one way to take some worries off your mind. There is general liability insurance, property insurance, worker’s compensation, product liability, and even health insurance coverage for yourself and your employees. You need to learn about your options and determine the best insurance plans for small business. Luckily, there are tools and resources online to help you make informed decisions.

What are some of the companies you should consider? Is a BOP (business owners policy) enough, or do you need some specific coverage types for your industry?

Regardless of what exactly you need, here are some companies who provide the best insurance plans for small business:

The Hartford

This company is definitely among the best carriers due to its excellent customer service, a wide variety of insurance policies, discounts, and more. There are no specific pricing tables because each business has different needs. The Hartford provides a calculator to help small business owners estimate how much their payment will be. One of the most important considerations when choosing an insurance provider is the claims process. This provider is well-known for paying out claims quickly.


One of the biggest insurance carriers, period, Nationwide, offers policies that protect against equipment failure, theft, and other perils. It also provides coverage for workers comp, general liability, business income, commercial property, and so forth. Nationwide offers the best insurance plans for small business owners who have less than $5 million in revenue.

Next Insurance

This provider is highly rated and intended for those who require fast coverage. It leverages technology to allow business owners to get a quote and purchase coverage specifically tailored to their industry. Suppose you aren’t looking for anything specific just yet. In that case, you can still choose from the basic coverage types such as general liability, commercial auto, professional liability, and workers compensation.

Mylo Insurance

While Mylo itself isn’t precisely a carrier, it provides you with a fast, easy way to get the insurance coverage you need by offering quotes from multiple pages. It’s a “one-stop” shop that small businesses can count on for finding solutions for insurance needs. The intelligent, sophisticated AI-powered recommendation engine is worth checking out, as it lets you zero in on the most affordable, best insurance plans for small business. Get started today with Mylo and its network of expert agents licensed in every state.

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