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Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers: Discounts and Other Info Parents Need to Know

It’s universal truth that younger drivers – particularly teens – have to pay more for insurance. Many new drivers are barely even old enough to work. Plus, they have school to worry about. So it’s almost always up to the parents and guardians to have them added to their own policies. What can parents possibly do to get cheap car insurance for new drivers?

One obvious big thing to look into is discounts. A lot of insurers really do give out discounts to help younger drivers better able to afford their auto insurance. They must demonstrate in some way that they are responsible. Being a full-time student and maintaining good grades is always a plus. They can also complete a recognized driver education program.

If you’re the parent and it’s your car your teen is driving, and they are attending a school that is far away from the place where your vehicle is garaged, then let the insurance company know and they might be willing to lower the cost.

When looking for cheap car insurance for new drivers, you do need to make sure you purchase enough of it. Don’t just get the bare minimum that your state legally requires. It’s often wise to purchase a bit more to ensure that your own vehicle is adequately protected, and not just the other party’s car in the event that your teen hits their car or other property.

Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers Should Interest Parents

Parents often look for policies that have some type of roadside rescue to have the peace of mind that their young drivers won’t ever wind up stranded somewhere. Be sure and choose an insurer that has a Mobile App or service that gives the insured 24/7 roadside assistance, which can be dispatched in minutes, no matter where they are at. Real-time GPS tracking is essential as well.

Cheap car insurance for new drivers is easier to obtain when the vehicle policy they will be added onto will be for a make and model that is considered “safe” and “low-risk” by the insurance companies. If it is a multi-vehicle home, then only give them keys and permission to drive the ones that are considered low-risk and the most inexpensive to insure.

Once again, it is very important for younger drivers who are still students to continue going to school and maintaining good grades. For those who are no longer in school, there still might be some safe and defensive driving courses available to them for discounts.

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