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Credit Clean Up Company Info: Learn How Credit Repair Works and Why You Should Choose a Repair Service

The idea of “credit repair” is to fix your poor credit in any (legal) way possible, and to bring up your score. If you feel that your credit reports are messy with tons of negative remarks or errors, then you’ll obviously want to think about working with a credit clean up company. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have the time to do their own credit repair or even know where to begin. This is why it makes sense to get a free consultation from a repair expert.

Even if you do have some ideas about how to do everything yourself, you might not have the time or patience to wait on the credit card bureaus to respond. The good thing about working with a legitimate clean up company is that they are professionals who know how to communicate with every party effectively in order to get a swift response.

Errors on the credit reports are more common than what you might think. Even if you know that your credit score isn’t the highest and that you’re responsible for a lot of negative items, there still might be some on there that you don’t deserve.

According to a study by the Federal Trade Commission, 1-in-5 consumers have at least one error on one or more credit report. You are entitled to a free copy of all 3 reports once a year. Go over them carefully. If there is anything you find suspicious, or need clarification on, it’s time to consider consulting with a credit clean up company.

Get a Good Credit Clean Up Company for a Long Process

It can be a lengthy process to go through the dispute on your own – especially if there is more than one error you have to deal with. This will involve filing a formal dispute with the credit bureau(s), in which you’ll have to provide a detailed explanation of the errors you are concerned about, and provide as much documentation as you can to support your claim.

Even if you are able to do so, you’ll still have to wait patiently for them to respond. They might not even agree to remove the error(s). To save time and avoid the possibility to be turned down, it’s better just to go through a credit clean up company.

There are a number of companies that promise to “clean up your credit” or “repair your credit score”. One red flag that it’s a scam is if they try to promise “Raise your credit score by X number of points within X number of weeks”. Avoid any company that tries to make a specific claim like that.

A good credit clean up company is one that understands the laws and will do everything legally possible to remove your errors. Lexington Law is a good choice as it is highly-rated and offers reasonable pricing. You can get a free consultation by visiting their site or calling 1-385-522-7609.

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