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Investment Recommendation Ideas: A Quick Overview of Top Investment Options & Stock Picks

Investing is a great way to potentially earn wealth over the long-term. It could also be a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it correctly. If you don’t buy the right stocks or sell at the right time, a profit could easily turn into a loss. This is why more and more people are subscribing to investment recommendation newsletters and looking online for some ideas of where to put their money.

Of course, there are more than just stocks out there. There are CDs, money market accounts, EFTs, corporate bonds, real estate, foreign exchange, and so forth. It’s important to diversify your portfolio a bit and put your money into a couple of different places.

Risk tolerance always plays a role in what kind of investments you make. If you consider yourself to be a conservative investor or are getting closer to retirement, you’ll probably be more comfortable giving allocating more of your portfolio to as safe investments as possible. This is also a good option for those investors who are saving for both short-term and intermediate-term goals.

If you can afford to take medium risks, you will be able to diversify more. Ideally, you should look for investment recommendation ideas to suit both short-term and intermediate-term goals.

Is wealth your main goal? You can look for relatively low-risk investments that pay a decent return, or you could take a risk to try and get a higher return.

An Investment Recommendation You Should Consider

Here are a few of the best investment recommendation ideas for 2020:

• Certificates of Deposit at an online bank
• Treasury securities
• Money market accounts (FDIC-insured)
• Municipal Bond funds
• Dividend paying stocks
• Short-term corporate bond funds

If it’s individual companies you are interested in, then you need to know which ones are considered “safe” right now for the most part. Take Amazon, for instance. It dominates online retail to near 50% of all US commerce. On top of that, Amazon is branching out to other industries and has many subsidiaries. Google is another major conglomerate that has a lot going for it.

One option you might want to consider is an industry-specific index fund. These types of funds give you a narrow, yet diversified reach to the specific industry without having to analyze and scrutinize every single company in it. As long as the industry itself performs well, the fund likely will too.

Keep up with the latest investment recommendation ideas by becoming a member of a site / newsletter such as Motley Fool. With the “Stock Advisor” newsletter, you’ll receive top stock recommendations, access to educational resources and materials, and so much more.

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