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First Time Investor Tips: What are Some Safe Ways to Get Started with Investing & Creating a Portfolio?

One of the best things about the advances in technology is that it’s now possible for ordinary people to get involved in investing. With just a few dollars, you can start trading. This low starting threshold doesn’t mean you will be successful, however. You’ll still need to know what you are doing and carefully follow first time investor tips.

It helps to have a Robo-advisor to help you, and they can offer you helpful advice at a very low price. This price negates the need to hire a broker to help you with the investments. You can use online broker software or a discount broker app to make your investments.

Of course, there are many different types of investments. You don’t have to jump right in and start playing around the stock market. There are always safer investments, like putting your money into a savings account or setting up a CD account. These don’t offer high returns, but if you have decades left before retirement, it might be worthwhile to put at least some of your money into a bank.

One of the most crucial first time investor tips is understanding that you will need more than one type of investment in your portfolio. The higher the risk, the bigger the return. Experts recommend that you have a variety of assets in your portfolio that carry different levels of risk. It should be a well-rounded portfolio overall.

First Time Investor Tips for Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are usually an excellent way to help beginners get started. You don’t need to invest in stocks individually if you’re not comfortable doing so. At least for now, it might be better to consider a couple of different mutual funds. For almost any type of industry you are interested in, there should be a few mutual funds to choose from, whether tech, health, medical, commodities, energy, retail, etc.

Exchange-trade funds are also a recommendation for beginners instead of individual stocks or bonds. With this type of investment, you can invest in a broad portfolio of both stocks and bonds in a single transaction. ETFs are a type of security that tracks a sector, index, commodity, or some other kind of asset yet can still be bought or sold on a stock exchange similarly to a regular stock.

Other areas of investing to look into include real estate, local bonds, US Treasury bonds, and options. You might also want to look into being an investor in a new business. To help you get started, you can sign up to receive first time investor tips as well as advice for more experienced investments as time goes on with Motley Fool.

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