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Government Loan for New Business Guide: Learn About SBA Loans, SBIC, Government Grants, & More

Things can be challenging for small businesses these days, but help is available. Even if you are starting, you might be able to find funding through the government, whether it’s through local, state, or federal. While many people search for a government loan for new business, many look for grants to see what all is available.

Assistance often goes directly from the federal government to state and local governments and some agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. From there, these entities distribute some of the extra funds or even invest them into small businesses that require technical or educational assistance.

The Small Business Administration, SBA, works with various groups to offer funding programs for small companies. You can check and see if you qualify for funding from a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) – ideally, the SBA licenses.

Depending on your type of business and what kinds of ideas you have, you might also want to look into awards programs such as the “America’s Seed Fund,” which are powered by the SBA and serve as a significant source of early-stage capital for American-owned startups that need help with research and development of new ideas – particularly those involved in technology commercialization.

Government Loan for New Business With Strict Criteria

While there are various grants and loans offered to new businesses, the eligibility requirements are often strict. Often, a government loan for new business will require that the business is owned by someone who belongs to an economically disadvantaged demographic, like single mothers, minorities, veterans trying to return to civilian life, and so forth.

Even if you do not come from an economically disadvantaged background, you still might have experienced some financial struggles. Suppose you have an innovative business idea that you hope will break new frontiers and offer advantages to society, such as science-based services or products, green tech, medical-based research and development, and so forth. In that case, there may very well be a grant or loan for you.

Whether you are applying for a startup loan or grant, be sure to fill out the application entirely. Some parts of the application process might annoy you or seem unimportant or even redundant. However, you should still fill them out honestly and as accurately as possible.

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