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Most Affordable Home Insurance Companies for Military Families, Mobile Homes, and Any Homeowner Looking for Customizable Policies

Since your home is likely the single largest investment you’ll ever make, it’s essential that you insure it properly. It is not only the home your family will be living in. It will contain all of your possessions, including furniture, family heirlooms, and many of your other investments. How can you protect everything without having to spend a bunch more money? You need to look at the most affordable home insurance companies and get quotes.

When analyzing the quotes, think about the coverage limits that would be right for you, as well as the deductible. There are many optional coverages you might be interested in as well (flood insurance, collectibles, electronics, landscape and gardening, etc.)

Unlike auto insurance and business insurance, you can legally own a home without insuring it (unless you’re still paying a mortgage and the bank requires that you carry it). It’s essential to have all the same, and you don’t want to go without it.

Here are a few of the most affordable home insurance companies right now:


Allstate is one of the better-known companies. When it comes to house insurance, it’s perhaps the best choice for discounts and customized policies. Policyholders have access to innovative tools and deals to get the coverage they need at a price they can afford with reasonable terms.


There are also a lot of discounts (including loyalty discounts) with Amica. Some of the benefits include high ratings, options to earn dividends, its A+ rated financial strength, and award-winning customer support. You might want to look into its Platinum Choice Home package, which includes extended coverage protection superior to everything a standard policy offers.


This firm is one of the most affordable home insurance companies for regular, single-family homeowners, but for mobile homeowners and condo owners. Three highly customizable packages serve as a starting point: Standard, Enhanced, and Premier.


Families living in military communities need affordable home insurance too, and that is where USAA excels. There is full coverage for uniforms for deployed members as well as active-duty members. Policies meet the needs of military families, and there is outstanding customer support.


This firm is perhaps the most unique of the most affordable home insurance companies. It is 100% digital, with no agents to go through. It’s a top-pick for claims processing and satisfaction. All you have to do is take a short video of the damage and submit it. There is no need for a home visit, and you can check the claim status online. Lemonade also has low rates overall and has a “giveback program” that awards the policyholders with some leftover money.

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